Hello, fellow content writer

Don't you just hate it?

Writing about the same things time and time again

Unreasonable clients with irrational demands

Delayed payments and no payment guarantees

Lousy briefs with little information but many demands

Rigid 9 to 6 work schedule even when you work remotely

We know this too well

As an agency founded by content writers, we understand your pains and do our best to make you feel confident, excited, and content (pun intended).

Join the Raccoon Writing team to

Write for different clients about the things that excite you most or you’re interested in
Not have to deal with clients directly (unless you want to) — our managers handle them
Get paid every month, stably, transparently, and in full — no hidden payments or fines
Receive detailed briefs for every assignment containing as much information as you need to work
Work anytime, anywhere. Only in the evening? Okay. Only on weekends? Done. Only when the baby is asleep? Absolutely.


  • We work on an hourly basis
  • You can write as much (or little) content as you want to
  • You choose the deadlines
  • Make it your parttime or full-time job
  • You can switch topics
  • We offer opportunities to grow as a content writer
  • You get loyalty bonuses

If you're a content writer and:

  • You were born in Ukraine or currently live here (sorry, we don't accept applications from citizens of other countries)
  • Your English is Advanced (С1, 2) and you don’t write in UkrEnglish
  • You’ve had experience writing for the tech niche (1+ year)
  • You know how to do your research, and we mean really digging deep
  • You care about your audience and always picture them when writing
  • You know how writing for the Web differs from academic writing and don’t write in the academic style
  • You write easy–to–read and even fun pieces people enjoy reading
  • You write pieces that provide value to the reader
  • You aren’t afraid of challenging assignments, enjoy learning new things and covering them
  • You know how a blog post differs from a case study and why writing a landing page and an article requires different skills
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